Commonwealth Investing

Basic Plans For the Average Investor

Commonwealth is an investment incubator focused on  –  Minimizing risk for clients entering the digital asset and cryptocurrency space.

Commonwealth Academy $29/Month

Cryptocurrency Onboarding

Monthly Firm Strategy Call

Quarterly One on One Call

Limited Trading Content

Quarterly Research Request

Limited Trading Support

Commonwealth Academy


Operating Plans $49/Month

Develop Payment Service Plan

Onboarding Assistance

Research Request

Quarterly Meeting

Monthly Firm Strategy Call

Monthly Newsletter

Operating Plans


Private Client $89/Month

White Glove Cryptocurrency Onboarding

1 Monthly Portfolio Report

Monthly Personal Portfolio Management Call

2 Monthly Research Requests

Trading & Digital Asset Management Content

Automated Market Making Fund Option

Monthly Newsletter

Unlimited Trading Content

Trading Support

Private Client


Crypto Consulting - Call for Quote

NFT Minting and Marketplace Training

Custom Built Crypto Mining Rigs

Online Crypto Payment Solutions

Crypto Node Operations

Crypto Software Integrations

Public Speaking Engagements


Crypto Consulting

Call for Quote
Commonwealth Investing